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EKS Protégé Program

Are you a beginner entrepreneur who would benefit from the mentorship and support of an experienced mindset mentor? Then, EKS may have the perfect opportunity for you! We are launching our new “EKS Protégé Program” and we are currently seeking entrepreneurs who are decisive and committed to the entrepreneurial process. Entrepreneurs must be avid social media users and must commit to our weekly protégé participations

Why should you apply to become a Protégé?

Ecanoa will personally mentor you on how to cultivate a mindset that will produce your desired future outcome. You will learn the importance of and the benefits that come as a result of improving the private you. You will learn how to effectively navigate through everyday challenges by resizing the cons and pros of your experiences. As my protégé, you will be empowered and positioned to experience continuous progress in your life… “When you change the perception of your present, you will change the outcome of your future”

*You will have the invaluable opportunity to network and connect with other successful entrepreneurs who can provide valuable and innovative ideas that could potentially lead to new partnerships, product ideas, and funding resources!

*You will be a founding member of an exclusive business group, where each participant will be vetted and hand selected to participate to ensure that there is a common desire to excel amongst all participants.

Protégé Perks:

*Protege 101 (Free eBook)
*Weekly (30 minute) Mindset Mentoring Class with Ecanoa
*Monthly Online Q&A Session with Ecanoa
*Discounts for upcoming events
*Discounts on EKS products

Protégé Expectations: 
*Each protégé must follow EKS Facebook Page.
*Each protégé must attend or view the weekly mindset class.
*Each protégé must attend or view the monthly Q&A session.
*Each protégé must permit EKS to share its marketing and mentoring content on their Facebook Page (3 days a week / 3 times a day)
*Each protégé must maintain all Protégé Expectations to remain an active.

Follow EKS Protégé Program Application Submission Instructions:

1. Record a one minute video introducing yourself, your business or business interest, and what you hope to get out of this Protégé Program.

2. Fill out and submit the EKS Protégé Program Application:  “


Are you looking for a zealous speaker that has the uncanny ability to activate your inner “Superman” or “Superwoman” into conquering an unfruitful THOUGHT life? 

Does the idea of having a dynamic speaker who can magnetically connect with the audience through the transparency of the tragedies and triumphs of his life appeal to you and the intention of your event?

If you answered, “Yes” to even one of these questions…

Then Ecanoa “Mindset Mentor” Jones is the absolute PERFECT speaker for your event! Full of energy, passion, and the spirit of motivation, Ecanoa will challenge your audience to embrace a present mentality that will propel them to their desired future reality

Even being in an earshot of hearing Ecanoa speak, the audience will experience:

* An interactive experience
*Real and authentic testimonies and life nuggets
*Mindset shifts and “Aha” moments
* Plan of action and application

The world is in need of Ecanoa’s voice and he is ready to share it with you! 

If you are interested in booking Ecanoa for a speaking engagement, please inquire about pricing and availability by completing the form below. 


      • Never Correct Upwards
      • Never Ignore the Warning Signs of Distractions
      • Never Accept the First Answer given
      • Never Agree to Anything Without Asking Questions
      • Never Arrive Late
      • Never Procrastinate
      • Never Ignore the Unpredictable
      • Never Commit to WIN/LOSE Relationships
      • Never Ignore the Need to Rest


      • M-MOTIVATE
      • I-INNOVATE

      • QUESTIONS… The MOST IMPORTANT sentence you will ever SAY!
      • QUESTIONS… The Difference Between Failure and Success
      • QUESTIONS… The Difference Between Where you are and where you want to be.
      • QUESTIONS… The Difference in What, When, Where, Who, and Why

      • Speak Your Way into Your Future
      • Word-of-Mouth Advertisement
      • Manage Your Words, Manage Your Emotions
      • Creating Longevity
      • Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say

If you are interested in booking Ecanoa for a speaking engagement, please inquire about pricing and availability by completing the form. 


Engage with Ecanoa!

Do you have an initiative or a cause that you would like ecanoa’s Keys of Success to partner with you in achieving? 

It would be our pleasure to CONNECT with initiatives and organizations that:

*Host conferences and events that provide valuable content and resources to young  entrepreneurs.

*Seek to provide wise counsel and education through mentorship.

*Create networks and partner with small business owners who provide service- based initiatives that improve the lives of their target audience.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us today with the details of your request by completing the information below.  We will respond within 24-48 hours.

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