Ecanoa’s Bio

Great leaders desire to encourage their tribe to rise to the occasion and answer the call of their next level of greatness. Ecanoa Jones, Owner of “ecanoa’s Keys of Success”, is that great leader. Driven by an innate passion to shift the mindsets of his mentees, he consciously and intentionally lives his life in a way that emulates mindfulness. Having 19 years of experience teaching music education within the private and public-school sector, his expertise has proven to be advantageous with thousands of students to register for quality musical instruction. Little did these students know that they were in for the lessons of a lifetime. Infused within each musical lesson was a deeper, more impactful lesson – the embracing of a positive and progressive mindset. The teaching of these mindset principles are Ecanoa’s true “keys” to success. Each success key unlocks the students’ ability to employ positive perceptions and progressive thinking. As an entrepreneur and author of six self-help books, his vision is to sharpen the students’ perceptual ability to manage their thought-life.

Not only has Ecanoa impacted the lives of our youth through music education, he continues to impact their lives through mindset mentorship. After carefully reflecting on the experience, education, and expertise gained from years of serving students, it became very clear that his passion had driven him to his purpose. Thus, Mind-Management on Demand was born. Conceived from the challenges and crisis our students face due to their social, emotional, and mental challenges, Ecanoa created a social-emotional support platform that has been founded on the principals of enacting proactive, preventive, and precautionary mentoring measures. Ecanoa and his SE team are committed to fostering mentor/mentee relationships with elementary, middle, and high school students that will increase the student’s cognitive ability to produce positive behaviors, thoughts, and actions. As a result, he gave birth to a new level of himself and became known as “The Mindset Mentor”.