Ecanoa’s Bio

Every great leader desires to inspire their tribe to rise to the occasion and answer the call of their next level of greatness. Ecanoa Jones, Owner of “ecanoa’s Keys of Success”, is that great leader. Driven by an innate passion to shift the mindsets of his mentees, he consciously and intentionally lives his life in such a way that breeds success. Having 16 years of experience teaching music, piano, and drums within the private and public school sector, his expertise has proven to be advantageous with over 800 students to register for quality musical instruction. Little did these students know that they were in for the lessons of a lifetime. Infused within each musical lesson was a deeper, more impactful lesson – the embracing of a successful mindset. These mindset principles are the true “keys” to success. As an entrepreneur and author of six self-help books, his vision is to maximize the potential of individuals who are ready to see vast improvements in their lives by modeling the holistic benefits that results from progressive thinking. Each success key unlocks the ability to soar above any obstacle that presents itself. It’s no wonder that the students in Ecanoa’s musical programs go on to see great levels of achievements in their lives.

Not only does Ecanoa impact the lives of the youth, he also impacts the lives of a diverse tribe of adults. After careful and continuous observation of those who seemed to have an appetite for change, it became apparently clear that there was an epidemic of unhealthy and debilitating thoughts within his own community…thoughts that were keeping people experiencing sub par life achievements. He was aware that negative thinking was blocking the doors of opportunities for lives to shift into a more desirable state of being. After carrying the burden of seeing the need to help those around him, he gave birth to a new level of himself and became known as “The Mindset Mentor”. Ecanoa fully embraces the truth that no obstacle is insurmountable and that no goal is too lofty to achieve. It is the burning desire of his heart to connect with people who are starving for progress by helping them to embrace a present mentality that will propel them to their desired future reality.