Benefits to your School

Portrays A Positive Student Image

Boosts Student Self-Esteem

Encourages Students To Embrace Progressivel Thinking

Shows School Unity & Spirit

Establishes Hope & Friendships

Promotes Self-Expression

Improves Academic Solidarity

School Fundraiser 

Shirts Only $12.00
School Receives $2.00 / each shirt
250 Shirts = $500.00 to your school
500 Shirts = $1000.00 to your school
1000 Shirts = $2000.00 to your school
Maximize your fundraising efforts by ordering at the beginning of the School year (August/September) and ordering the 2nd half of the school year (January).

Faculty, Staff & Students,
Wear your shirts during

Wear your SHIRT for…

Extra Credit - Test Days - Field Trips - School and Community Events

Wear your SUCCESS SHIRT for…

Class - Grade Level - Club - Organization