My son took piano lessons from Pre-K through the 7th grade and drums for a short time.  Although he has not had any piano lessons since then, he had a great foundation to use for exploring and practicing on his own.  This led to entertaining Seniors at their facility, playing on youth Sundays at church, and accompanying his High School Chorus during concerts.  It has been amazing to watch him develop and grow on this journey, many thanks to ecanoa’s Keys to Success!

-Willoughby Cane

 The piano instructors are extremely passionate and patient.  Not only was I able to learn the fundamentals of piano, but they ensured that I was able to have fun and stay engaged during my lessons.  I was introduced to the wide variety of music styles, and I can definitely thank ecanoa’s keys of Success for my love for music today. 


-Myla Somersall

I had a great experience for the many years I took lessons. Ever since I was in preschool, I was inspired to become more musically inclined. Ecanoa’s Keys of Success taught me the basics and so much more.

-Marlon Somersall


I enrolled my 3 children for piano and drum lessons beginning at the age of three. The teachers are very patient and engaging. They nurtured a love of music in students of all ages. Ecanoa’s Keys of Success incorporate valuable life lessons as the teachers instruct on the fundamentals of music.

-Cidjah Somersall, Mom

Zakhai truly enjoyed being a drum student at Cambridge Academy.  He learned rather quickly and was very anxious to tell his mom all about it and show her his new moves.  Zakhai really enjoyed performing at the recitals.  Especially when he moved up to play with the older kids.  The students learned discipline and many skills.  My son loves music and the beat of his drums.  So thank you to ecanoa’s Keys of Success for your hard work, patience, and dedication with my child.

-Zakhai Stargell

Kristian is a rising seventh grader who has been enrolled in ecanoa’s Keys of Success drum program at Cambridge Academy since September of 2017.  Kristian has played the drums for Cambridge Academy’s Christmas Cantata and Black History programs.  Kristian enjoys playing the drums because of the different sounds each drum produces.

-Kristian Oliver

ecanoa’s Keys of Success piano program has truly been an amazing experience for my children.  My daughter and son have been taking piano lessons for nine years and from watching from the sidelines, I cannot only see the joy the instructor has teaching the children but also the passion he has for piano.  This piano program does not only focus on the songs in the book but he also instills in them the basic skills of piano, expands their knowledge by teaching the students different techniques of learning, and encourages them to develop their own personality and style as they grow in their skills of music.  I would highly recommend this amazing product to any parent. 

-Eric & Emmanuela Quarshie